OEE productivity meter for optimizing single machines
Rent: 375 EUR /month

The MES starter kit for the optimization of multiple machines
Your gateway to MES!

The MES for optimizing your entire production process
Modular construction
Offers every opportunity for growth

Efficient production means using technical resources effectively, minimizing errors and downtime, providing materials at the right place and time, optimizing staffing to reduce job processing times, and ultimately reducing costs through the interplay of all production processes. It also means being able to make the right decisions quickly and effectively in the event of unplanned production changes. Here, an MES can help to improve the transparency of production processes. If a malfunction occurs, you will be informed immediately, allowing you to use convenient, intelligent planning tools to test various change scenarios and select the best option.


Think MES - start OEE

As the world's only provider, FASTEC offers you a gateway to "smart" MES. At the outset, it is often about making employees aware of the issue of productivity optimization and tackling the fear of automated data collection. To this end, we offer the easyOEE productivity meter, which is as easy to install as it is to use. Experience has shown us that within 2 to 3 months, you will discover amazing potential for optimization. A 10% improvement in OEE is no exception for our customers. After this trial period, reliable figures, facts and arguments are available to aid the establishment of an MES pilot project on 2 to 3 machines. For this process, FASTEC also offers compactOEE, a pre-configured MES starter kit. You don't even need your own server! After the pilot phase, you will have all the information required to be able to decide which machines the MES rollout should be started on, and which modules and functions should be included.. Countless numbers of our customers have followed this path - with great success!




FASTEC 4 PRO - the full-function MES

MES solutions are characterized by their modular structure. For customers, the advantage lies in the fact that they only need to buy the function modules that are currently most important to them. Nevertheless, you should not lose sight of the future. These days, machine data acquisition with KPI evaluations (e.g. OEE) and visualization are important. Your success will increase, as will your functionality and installation base. Maintenance engineers, production planners etc. will report back quickly, perhaps also requesting support. Fortunately, FASTEC offers a maintenance module as well as planning/control centre with an optional optimization-based planning process (APS). If you were to choose a different MES that does not offer these modules, you would have to switch to another product, resulting in a stand-alone solution with difficult-to implement interfaces, performance degradation, susceptibility to errors etc. - that would be expensive!


Industry 4.0

For over 20 years, FASTEC has been developing solutions for production companies. It all started with material flow automation systems. We have gained a wealth of experience in the integration of control systems into MES, as well as the implementation of interfaces into ERPs and other IT systems. It is inevitable that MES will act as a data hub in Industry 4.0, communicating with networked machines, tools, products, and even IT systems (ERP, PPC, QS, etc.). There is still a long way to go before we reach Industry 4.0. FASTEC is the ideal partner to accompany you along the way. To this end, we are also involved in the MES-D.A.CH. Association, where standards relevant not only to Industry 4.0 but also to MES are discussed, for example VDI5600 and VDMA66412.


FASTEC - everything from a single source

Not only do we offer software solutions we have developed ourselves, we also provide consultation, customizing, system integration, delivery and configuration of the necessary hardware, site commissioning, training, and support. We know how it goes! With 20 years of project experience and project management, we adjust ourselves to each client, whether SME or a company with international operations, so that each project leads to success! Take a look at our impressive references here.